One strap. One handcrafted design started everything for us. While assortments have grown considerably since, each of our handmade creations strives to embody the singular spirit of that very first strap.

Style is art. And the philosophy behind art. Our style serves to accentuate watches, never distracting from them.

Subtle, understated, and embracing timeless design, our art offers elegance without pretension for every watch and every wrist. Say it silently. And they will notice.

Art meets precision.

We combine traditional and artisanal techniques with state-of-the-art modern manufacturing technologies.

Crafted just for you.

Because we all crave individuality. It is one of the most human of needs, defining us, driving us to show we're different from the pack.

You're a watch lover.

As watch lovers, we share your obsessions, scrutinizing every detail down to the last millimeter to ensure perfect form, fit, and function. You made a discerning choice to find the perfect strap. We’re here to help realize the watch you envision.