How to Order the Correct Watch Strap Spec

Strap Width

Measuring Watch's Lug Width for Strap Width

The strap width corresponds to the width between your watch's lugs (the two metal pieces on either side of the watch case that the strap attaches to).

Using a ruler or caliper with millimeter (mm) precision, measure your watch's lug width, as shown by the black line in the picture above. Ensure that you measure from one lug's inner edge to the other's inner edge.

Refer to our article here if your watch requires a curved end strap.

Strap Length

Measuring Watch Strap Length Long Holes and Short Buckle Sides

Strap length consists of two measurements measured in centimeters (cm):

  • Long side of the strap (usually with the adjustment holes)
  • Short side of the strap (usually attaches to the buckle). Measurement excludes the buckle.

Measure your wrist circumference and use our sizing guide chart to determine the appropriate strap length. Alternatively, you can measure the length of your existing watch strap if the length is suitable.

Custom Buckle (Optional)

    Buckle Tongue Cutout or Notch for Watch Strap
    Buckle Pin Adjustment Holes for Watch Strap

    If you plan on using your own tang buckle, please provide the following:

    • Width of buckle (black line¬†in left picture)
    • Width of buckle tongue cutout/notch (white line¬†in left picture)
    • Width of buckle pinholes¬†(white line¬†in right picture)

    If you plan on using your own deployant clasp, please provide the following:

    • Width of clasp¬† (black line¬†in left picture)
    • Width of buckle tongue cutout/notch, unless no cutout required (white line¬†in left picture)
    • Width of¬†adjustment holes/buckle pinholes, unless no holes required (white line¬†in right picture)
    • Determine¬†if sliding and/or fixed keepers/loops are required (grey rectangle in left picture)