Curved End Watch Straps Explained

What is a curved end strap?

A curved end strap is a type of strap with curve-shaped ends where it attaches to the watch case. We recommend curved end straps for watches with short lugs (i.e., narrow gap between the edge of the watch case and the strap), whereas traditional straight-end straps often end up rubbing against the watch case.

When do you need one?

We recommend a straight-end strap unless it is necessary to use a curved end strap, such as when a straight-end strap will end up rubbing against the edge of the watch case. We recommend a curved end strap if the OEM leather strap has curved ends.

Will it seamlessly integrate with a watch?

A curved end strap is not an integrated strap. It will not seamlessly integrate with a watch; a small gap between the watch case and strap will always be visible.

Are there any restrictions on materials and styles?

All our straps are compatible with curved ends except for canvas and unlined straps.

How do I request a curved end strap?

Select "Customize: Yes" on the strap product page and check the "Curved Ends" box. If a particular strap is not compatible with curved ends, the option will not appear.

Is there an extra fee for curved ends?

We do not charge any additional fee for curved ends.