Lined and Unlined Watch Straps Explained

What is a lining?

Lining refers to the leather layer on the watch strap's underside. Since this side of the strap is in contact with the wrist, lining leather focuses on comfort and sweat resistance. Our black lining leather is made of soft French calfskin that is hypoallergenic and sweat-resistant.

Unlined Shell Cordovan Watch Strap No Lining Backside Suede Lined Lining Watch Strap Canvas Lining Watch Strap

What is the difference between a lined and unlined strap?

Lined straps refer to watch straps with a lining layer on the underside. Unlined straps refer to watch straps that do not have a lining on the underside.

Since two layers of materials form lined watch straps, the structure feels firmer and reduces stretching. In contrast, unlined watch straps feel softer and more pliable.

The natural thickness of the leather specifies the thickness of unlined straps. Lining may be necessary to achieve a certain strap thickness.

Which strap styles can be made as unlined straps?

We offer unlined straps only in shell cordovan leather. Shell cordovan is known for its strength and durability and, therefore, the only type of leather we recommend for unlined straps. There is a significant risk of tearing and stretching on unlined straps made with other materials. Browse our collection of unlined shell cordovan straps here.