Padded Watch Straps Explained

What is a padded watch strap?

A padded strap is a type of band with padding along the center and near the watch end of the strap. The padding gradually thins toward the strap edges and away from the watch end.

The padding aims to add thickness to the strap, making it more suitable for thick watches. Our padding adds about 1.50 mm height at the highest point, so a flat 2.0 mm thick strap would be about 3.50 mm thick at the highest point.

Padded Leather Watch Strap Padded Horween Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Strap Padded Alligator Watch Strap

Are there any caveats with padding?

Padding adds thickness, which translates to making the strap stiffer. Our 1.5mm thick padding adds height without sacrificing too much of the softness and flexibility of the strap. While 1.5mm may seem inconsequential, it can be a significant percentage relative to the original strap thickness.

The same padding thickness looks different on different types of leather. The padding looks more apparent on shinier leather, such as shell cordovan, and less noticeable on matte ones.

Are there any restrictions on materials and styles?

Padding is only compatible with lined straps (not unlined). Refer to the article here to understand more about lined vs. unlined straps.

How do I request for padding when placing an order?

Select "Customize: Yes" on the strap product page and check the "Padding" box. If a particular strap is incompatible with padding, the option will not appear.How to Order a Padded Watch Strap

Is there an extra fee for padding?

We do not charge any additional fee for padding.