Types of NATO Watch Straps

Originally designed in the 1970s for the British military use, NATO straps were made to be easily interchangeable and to add another layer of protection for watches. The single piece of nylon material loops through the watch's two fixed bars, so the watch will remain attached even if one of the fixed bars failed. Today, NATO straps became popular among civilians and are available in various materials including such as nylon and leather.

Single Pass NATO


NATO strap with one layer of leather that loops through the two springbars of the watch. Our single pass NATO straps come with two fixed metal keepers/loops and a fixed buckle.

RAF NATO is a type of single pass NATO with one floating leather keeper as opposed to two fixed metal keepers. The floating leather keeper avoids the need to tuck in the strap tail.


Double Pass NATO


NATO strap with two layers of leather that loops through the two springbars of the watch. Our double pass NATO straps come with three fixed metal keepers/loops and a fixed buckle. The second layer of leather covers the springbars, but does add thickness to the watch.

Zulu NATO is a type of double pass NATO featuring heavier duty material and an extra metal keeper.